Re roof

We Re Roof according to the following process. First, we tear off your existing roofing material down to the wood decking. Next, after we ensure sound decking material, we re nail the decking to meet or exceed Florida’s current building code, then we dry it in and affix the roofing material you have selected. We work diligently to execute roof installations in a timely manner with as little interference to your life as possible. Most of our customers are Free from Rain, Wind and Worry, within a few days of Freedom Roofers commencing our work on their property.


This means both you the customer and Freedom Roofers have a vested interest in making sure our workmanship and material is sound quality.

Roof Examples

An older roof that is in need of replacement often will reveal its signs of wear as you strip off the layers. Many times, once the shingles have been removed, the exposed plywood decking will have parts that need to be removed and replaced as well. In the first series of photos, you will see an example of rotted roof decking followed by removed and replaced plywood. Followed by these photos are examples of shingle and metal roof’s we have installed

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